Why are we so addicted to SKAM ? 

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You have never heard of SKAM ?

It was my case a month ago. After my friend hassled me with the story of her new favourite characters, I finally decided to watch it. She told me before I start “You’ll see, it is a bit like SKINS”

SKINS used to be one of my favourite show a few years ago and I watched it at least three times. So I was about to be impartial.

Verdict … (drum rolls). It is so addictive that I saw the three whole seasons in a week. Don’t judge me please. You will probably binge-watch the show too. Moreover, the episodes last around twenty minutes which is so short that when you just finish to watch one you think you have the time for another (then another, then another …)

Each season is devoted to a character. You will be immersed in the life of 1999’s Norwegian kids. It is so realistic that they could be your mates.

Indeed, forgive me dear Americans but most of the time your teen shows are not realistic at all. The actors are 25, they don’t have acne, they wake up wearing make up, they have an amazing sens of fashion … (Well, we can’t criticize too much because there’s no french teen show)

The show deals with “taboo” topics such as homosexuality, religion or eating disorders.

However, unlike their brit cousins’, SKAM protagonists are not too trashy and tragicall.

Also, the soundtrack is dope (you can find it on Spotify) and you can follow the characters on Instagram!

@isakyaki , @loglady99 , @evamohn2 …

Here is the end of the description, I certainly don’t want to spoil … (Well, more than I already did)

If you enjoyed this article, let us know if you would like us to write a test to evaluate your level of fangirling 😏


Message tops

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Dior SS17

Is there something you wanna tell to everyone you see? We feel you, but yelling the same thing over and over again is definitly not an option for many, many reasons. Well, you can still wear it. We admit, it is kind of the equivalent of being a human signboard which is why you have to find the perfect message. We have selected a bunch of tees and sweats for you to help you.

“FREE THE PIMPLE #ACNE” hoodie from Urban Sophistication ($72)

Buy it here

“Girls 1 W” tee from Teesue (29.90€)

“T-shirt vert agass” from Eleven Paris (39€)

Shop there

“C’est la F vie” T-shirt from Mélidé on The Blonde Salad eshop (75€)

Get it here

“Rosay Hotter Than Hell” top from Brandy Melville ($21)

Get it here

“Seriously, fuck you” distressed tee from Danielle Guizio ($60)

Buy it there

This post was inspired by this absolutely amazing top which you can get here. We really hope to see more messages like this.

The Parisian

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The Parisian girl is effortlessly chic and sophisticated. She is both sexy and natural.

She likes eating a few croissants for breakfast and smoking a cigarette at the café. She loves drinking a glass of red wine by listening to Gainsbourg or reading Sagan’s books.

She secretly loves when people think she’s a contemptious bitch. She always looks bored. Bored because of the Metro, because of pigeons and because of happy tourists.

The Parisian is always in a rush. She never waits to cross the street. Probably because she is very busy. It is a sport to run to get the last Baguette at the Boulangerie.

Here are five outfit ideas inspired by the parisian style. We have chosen french brands beloved by young frenchies.

Puffer jacket : YAM by Bonpoint
Top : Grace & Mila
Jeans : YAM by Bonpoint
Sneakers : Swildens


Jacket : Sandro
Top : Des petits hauts
Shorts : Des petits hauts
Sneakers : Karl Marc John


Coat : Les coyotes de Paris
Top : Soeur
Jupe : Soeur
Booties : Sandro




Coat : YAM by Bonpoint
Sweatshirt : Les coyotes de Paris
Trousers : Grace and Mila
Sneakers : Sandro


Coat : Les coyotes de Paris
Jumper : Les coyotes de Paris
Trousers : YAM by Bonpoint
Shoes : Zadig & Voltaire

3 bloggers/ youtubers to follow


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many so decided to divide it in different categories.

For out first category, we have chosen three fresh and entertaining girls: Chiara Ferragni, Summer McKeen and Hailey Sani.

#1. Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

Chiara at PFW

The most famous blogger ever: Chiara Ferragni built an empire. Raised by a fashionista, the Italian blogger started her blog “The Blond Salad” in 2009. She truly met success in 2011 and in January 2015, she lauched a collection named after her.

#2. Summer McKeen (@summermckeen)

Summer via her Instagram account

She makes really good make up videos which are always fun to watch because she keeps it very casual. It is basically as if you were talking make up and clothes with your friend… except your friend probably doesn’t have Summer’s eyebrows.

#3. Hailey Sani (@haileysani)

Hailey via her Instagram account

Just like Summer, Hailey makes really good make up videos but she also posts some workouts videos which you’ll want to do because she is #bodygoal. Really. Also, the girl speaks three languages while we’re still struggling with our first one.

Who is your favorite youtuber/ blogger?

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3 brands to follow


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many so decided to divide it in different categories.

For our third category, we chose three stylish brands: Are You Am I, Reformation and Eleven Paris.


#1. Are You Am I (@areyouami)

Created by the model Rumi Neely, the brand offers sexy silk tops and dress and beautiful accessories. We love to see their clothes because it keeps us motivated to stay healthy.


#2. Reformation (@reformation)

The brand is pretty casual, kind of similar to Urban Outfitters or Subdued. What we really love about it is that it is eco-friendly so can be fashionable and respectful of the environment.


#3. Eleven Paris (@elevenparisofficial)

This brand is kind of urban but their items suit any kind of style, you just got to find the right one. Also the brand is French and that is very cool.


What is your favorite brand?

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Who is Larsen Thompson ? 

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Where to find her ? 


• Her YouTube channel : She posts vlogs (backstages …), TAGs, choregraphies …

How old is she ?

• She’s born on November, 19 2000

Where she’s from ?

• Los Angeles, California

Why you should know her ? 

• Larsen is a professional dancer (You’ve maybe seen her on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or on music videos)

• She is also a model (who can resist to her charming face ? Everybody is in love with her long red hair and deep green eyes).

Larsen is represented by Next Models

For The Blonde Moments Magazine

For the cover of the Indie Magazine


• She appeares in BØRNS “American Money” music video (we are absolutely in love with his songs by the way).


• Her sense of fashion maybe ?


Join us on insta : @stylehunters_

Pop & Suki

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Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse

Have you and your best friend ever thought about how cool it would be to have a shop/ brand toghether? Well, Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse didn’t only think about it, they also did it.

Pop & Suki’s “Camera Bag”

At only 26 and 24 years old, the two best friends launched their accessories line last October and their “Camera Bag” is already on every It Girls. The super cute mini-bag matches with everything you already have and is super customisable. Their brand offers many add-ons including matching BFF hearts, but the best thing is, you can write your name on your bag! Isn’t that so cool?

Aside from this bag, the brand also has a suede tote which comes in three shades (same for the “Camera Bag”) and a charm necklace (which Halsey recently worn). You can buy any article + add-ons in a bundle. That will make you feel like you’ve bought like three new bags instead of one.

You can follow the brand on Instagram and check their cotton-candy website.

Thylane Blondeau’s best looks of 2016


The young Thylane Blondeau has been part of many events this year. She is only fifteen and while you are sleeping in High School, she’s on the from row of the most famous fashion shows … Unfair you say ? Anyway, here are her best looks of the year.

At the L’oreal Paris Red Obsession Party in March

On the red carpet of the Cannes Festival in May


For the Chanel Fashion show during the Paris fashion week in October

For the Dolce and Gabbana show during the Milan Fashion Week in September

At the L’oreal Paris Gold obsession party in October

Métier des Arts by Chanel


The 6th of December, on the occasion of the Chanel Métier des Arts fashion show, Lily Rose Depp, Sofia Richie, Jenayé Noah Cara or Pharrell walked across the Ritz Hotel in Paris wearing the French savoir-faire. They are not all supermodels but have something in common : they are Lagerfeld’s muses and have sublimated and honored the remarkable work of craftsmen. We could notice during this splendid show the Chanel iconic signatures which are of course camellia flowers and tweed fabric.










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3 models to follow (Boys edition)


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many so decided to divide it in different categories.

Our second one is “Models (Boys edition)”. We have chosen three handsome men: Francisco Lachowski, Neels Visser and Sean O’Pry.

#1. Francisco Lachowski (@chico_lachowski)

Francisco is our all-time-favorite model. He is ranked in “Top Icon Men” and “Sexiest Men” on Models.com. He walked in many shows like Balmain, D&G, Dsquared2, Emporio Armani and appears on the Tommy Hilfiger advertising next to Gigi Hadid. Honestly, there are just too many reasons why you should follow him…

#2. Neels Visser (@NeelsVisser)

This Instagram sensation with IMG NY walked for Rochambeau SS16 and Dolce & Gabanna SS17. He’s featured on two American Eagle advertising and on Maybeline’s digital campaign for SS17. We trully wish to see him a lot more in 2017.

#3. Sean O’Pry (@seanopry55)

If you’ve never seen him before, you must have been in another galaxy. The guy in “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift? That’s him. The guy in the Paco Rabanne ad for fragance 1 Million? That’s him too. 2016 award winner for GQ Spain’s “Model of the year”? We let you guess. He also appears in the Balmain Hair advertising and shot about 40 magazines covers since 2007. Three years after the beginning of his career, he was named the most succesful model by Forbes.

Who is your favorite model?