Message tops

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Dior SS17

Is there something you wanna tell to everyone you see? We feel you, but yelling the same thing over and over again is definitly not an option for many, many reasons. Well, you can still wear it. We admit, it is kind of the equivalent of being a human signboard which is why you have to find the perfect message. We have selected a bunch of tees and sweats for you to help you.

“FREE THE PIMPLE #ACNE” hoodie from Urban Sophistication ($72)

Buy it here

“Girls 1 W” tee from Teesue (29.90€)

“T-shirt vert agass” from Eleven Paris (39€)

Shop there

“C’est la F vie” T-shirt from Mélidé on The Blonde Salad eshop (75€)

Get it here

“Rosay Hotter Than Hell” top from Brandy Melville ($21)

Get it here

“Seriously, fuck you” distressed tee from Danielle Guizio ($60)

Buy it there

This post was inspired by this absolutely amazing top which you can get here. We really hope to see more messages like this.

The Parisian

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The Parisian girl is effortlessly chic and sophisticated. She is both sexy and natural.

She likes eating a few croissants for breakfast and smoking a cigarette at the café. She loves drinking a glass of red wine by listening to Gainsbourg or reading Sagan’s books.

She secretly loves when people think she’s a contemptious bitch. She always looks bored. Bored because of the Metro, because of pigeons and because of happy tourists.

The Parisian is always in a rush. She never waits to cross the street. Probably because she is very busy. It is a sport to run to get the last Baguette at the Boulangerie.

Here are five outfit ideas inspired by the parisian style. We have chosen french brands beloved by young frenchies.

Puffer jacket : YAM by Bonpoint
Top : Grace & Mila
Jeans : YAM by Bonpoint
Sneakers : Swildens


Jacket : Sandro
Top : Des petits hauts
Shorts : Des petits hauts
Sneakers : Karl Marc John


Coat : Les coyotes de Paris
Top : Soeur
Jupe : Soeur
Booties : Sandro




Coat : YAM by Bonpoint
Sweatshirt : Les coyotes de Paris
Trousers : Grace and Mila
Sneakers : Sandro


Coat : Les coyotes de Paris
Jumper : Les coyotes de Paris
Trousers : YAM by Bonpoint
Shoes : Zadig & Voltaire

Pop & Suki

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Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse

Have you and your best friend ever thought about how cool it would be to have a shop/ brand toghether? Well, Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse didn’t only think about it, they also did it.

Pop & Suki’s “Camera Bag”

At only 26 and 24 years old, the two best friends launched their accessories line last October and their “Camera Bag” is already on every It Girls. The super cute mini-bag matches with everything you already have and is super customisable. Their brand offers many add-ons including matching BFF hearts, but the best thing is, you can write your name on your bag! Isn’t that so cool?

Aside from this bag, the brand also has a suede tote which comes in three shades (same for the “Camera Bag”) and a charm necklace (which Halsey recently worn). You can buy any article + add-ons in a bundle. That will make you feel like you’ve bought like three new bags instead of one.

You can follow the brand on Instagram and check their cotton-candy website.

Best-dressed characters

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If you watch a lot of shows, you may have found yourself dreaming about stealing a character’s closet at least once. Here is our top 5 best-dressed characters.

 #1. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

No way she wasn’t there. We remember being around 12 and watching “Gossip Girl” and being so amazed by the dresses and everything and absolutely wanting to be a part of Blair’s squad. We admit it, Serena has a fiercer style but Blair’s one is really cool especially after they finish high school.

#2. Eleanor Henstridge (The Royals)

Eleanor Henstridge (The Royals)

We absolutely love her fierce goth/ rock style!! This girl always looks so confident and sexy. We really love her style because it is kind of inspiring to see someone dare to wear such things even though we clearly wouldn’t wear the same.

#3. Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder)

Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder)

Literally “killer” look. Her style is always on point and showing the world how well she deals with anything and how much her life is put together.

#4. Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Her style is a little boyish and old-school but yet refreshing! It is really nice to see a character’s style being so effortless.

#5. Mary Stuart (Reign)

Mary Stuart (Reign)

Okay, we have to admit that the costumes were clearly not made to match with the pictured age. But, the gowns are so pretty!! Exactly the ones you dreamt about when you were kid (and even now, actually). Also the crown is so pretty… we want one too.

It’s time to make peace with velvet

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Do you remember the horrible velvet jogging suit your mother wanted  you to wear in middle school ? Yes, we know it is still difficult for you to think about it …

If velvet definitely represents  the 90s’ dark side to you, this article will maybe change your mind !

Because today, we have decided to bring you back together. So here are our (best ?) arguments.

1# : Velvet is a huge trend this season

 From Ralph Lauren to Vetements including Victoria Beckham, the fabric is on every catwalk.

#2 : The Coolest girls rock velvet

3# Yeess, velvet can be classy

It is not because it is worn by Kylie Jenner that it can not be chic…

4# How do you think Gabriella had managed to date Troy ?

While Sharpay was wearing tweed, she opted for velvet.

Sans titre.png

Well this is probably the worst argument ever … (especially since her outfits were really ugly).


Anyway, here is a little selection of velvet clothes and accessories :

And to finish, a choosing of red velvet pieces. (Because red is THE colour of this winter, it is even better to match both trends !)

That is all for today, we hope we succeed our mission and now you love (or at least hate less) velvet !

Favorites items from TOMMYxGIGI

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Model Gigi Hadid and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger collaborated for a highly promototed collection which is finally available since September 1st  in Europe. Though we really like Gigi, we didn’t truly expect to be amazed by this collection… But we honestly did (Especially for the jackets and coats)! Well, most of the items are rather expensive so we don’t know if we’re going to purchase anything yet, but if we do, it is going to be one of the 10 items listed below.










White jacket

Can’t wait to wear all of them!! … In our dreams, unless a miracle happens to our budget. Anyway, which item is your favorite?

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Clothes to make summer last longer

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Sadly, Summer is almost over but we have decided to basically ignore it and keep hoping that it will last forever… Well not forever, but at least until the end of September with some outfits tricks that we’re going to share with you.

1. Wear printed bombers which remind you of Summer

This is probably the easiest thing to do since you can throw a bomber over any outfit and it will always look fine. #BomberPower

Island life – Patches – Mermaid

2. Wear your one piece swimsuit as a bodysuit

Nothing feels more like summer than the fabric of a swimsuit and we’re hoping that it will be stronger than the Autumn’s air.

Trouble – Americana stripes – Beach squad

3. Use a beach bag as a school bag

This depends on how your beach bag looks, but if you’re okay with carrying it to school, it can be really cool especially if there are still summer souvenirs into it.

Pineapple – Cat – Palm trees

4. Wear Summer-inspired accessories

This is actually even easier to wear than bombers because it is really discreet but don’t worry, it still works, we promise.

Watch – Earrings – Ring

We hope that this will make September a bit easier to stand for you and help you to get through this year.

Summer Looks

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For the first post in our “OOTD” category, we decided to show you two (very) basic outfits. We wore them at the beach, but they are perfect too for a casual afternoon in town.

                                                                              Top ~ Shorts 

                                                                     Top ~ Shorts ~ Sunglasses 
You can find us on Instagram : @stylehunters_

What to wear this summer

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Apparently, it is more than two weeks since summer has begun, which we weren’t aware about since we started to have a nice weather a couple of days ago… So, yes it has some disavantages, like having to shave or sweating or these highly annoying sunburns, but it is nothing compared to no school for two months, heat, sun, beach, ice cream and so on… But the best thing is that, since you don’t see your classmates and are not (or at least, less) afraid to be judged or whatever by people around you, you can wear anything you want to! Below are five trends that we will definitely wear for the next month and a half (yes, we could have write “two months” but let’s be real…)

1- Patches


First patches set: $9.71

Denim jacket: $4,950

Shorts: $68

Second patches set: £5.99

T-shirt: $25.86   

2- Body jewelry

1: Leg chain

2: Body chain

3: Bra chain

4:Arm cuff

5: Foot chain  

3- Gladiators shoes

1 2 3 4 5  

4- Chokers

1 2 3 4 5   

5- Crochet

Bikini 1

Bikini 2

Bikini 3

Top 4


What’s your favorite trend for this summer?

Kiernan’s Coachella look inspiration

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Kiernan's Coachella look
This is the second outfit of our “Festival looks for less” serie. Kiernan Shipka wore a matching  butterfly patched denim ensemble from Valentino and the iconic Stella Mccartney platform  oxfords.
We have chosen two denim pieces : a “dungarees style” top from Missguided and patch mom shorts from Topshop. The Asos shoes are really similar and rather affordable.

On her : 

Valentino top 980€
Valentino shorts 1200€
Stella Mccartney shoes 695€

Our selection : 

Asos shoes 56,99€
Topshop shorts 50€€
Missguided Top 26,60€