Women’s day: 5 women we admire

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To celebrate the International Women’s Day, we decided to honour 5 women who are (at least according to us) feminist role models.

#1. Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson)

The 26 years old actress and Brown graduate has been named Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women in July 2014 and gave a strong and very noticed speech approuved by Malala Yousafzai for the lanch of HeforShe. After creating Our Shared Shelf, she decided to take a year off acting to focus on herself. But well, apparently, she is not a feminist because she shew her nipples… Just a reminder that a women can not expose her breast on Instagram but it is okay for a man to post shirtless pics.

#2. Tavi Gevinson (@tavitulle)

Tavi appeared twice on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media list when she was only 15 and 16. She started a fashion blog called “Style Rookie” when she was eleven. Her blog became so popular that, at fifteen she founded “Rookie Magazine” of which she is the editor in chief. Her magazine aims mainly at teenager girls and receives contributions from everyone and anyone. It deals with many different topics such as feminism, fashion, social issues and basically everything that matters.

#3. Yara Shahidi (@YaraShahidi)

The young actress pictures Zooey on ABC’s show “Black-ish”. The comedy actually exposes some of the black communitys’ issues which Yara is actually part of (Yeah because you clearly couldn’t tell) thanks to her mother (her father is Iranian-American if you were wondering). There is not one thing that Yara isn’t activatly defending and is why she is a role model, because feminism is as important to her as minority oppression or political issues and that is just amazing to be as involved in any cause as she is.

#4. Maria Grazia Chuiri

After 30 years working for Valentino, Maria Grazia Chuiri was named creative director at Dior. She is the first woman ever to get this position within the fifty years of Dior’s existence. She made a very noticed first collection thanks to a certain “We should all be feminists” message t-shirt.

#5. Willow Smith (@willowsmith)

We have to admit that we weren’t sure what Willow was gonna become when we first heard “Whip my hair” in 2010… But look at her today, not only as a woman but as a human being. She is so smart, unafraid and unique. No wonder why she was named Chanel ambassador in 2016.

Okay so here it goes for our list. Obviously we do know that there are so many other women who did so much for gender equality but we choose only five so… yeah. Anyway, comment here or on our last Instagram post who is/ are your feminist role model(s) whether it is the most famous person on earth or your dad.

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Why are we so addicted to SKAM ? 

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You have never heard of SKAM ?

It was my case a month ago. After my friend hassled me with the story of her new favourite characters, I finally decided to watch it. She told me before I start “You’ll see, it is a bit like SKINS”

SKINS used to be one of my favourite show a few years ago and I watched it at least three times. So I was about to be impartial.

Verdict … (drum rolls). It is so addictive that I saw the three whole seasons in a week. Don’t judge me please. You will probably binge-watch the show too. Moreover, the episodes last around twenty minutes which is so short that when you just finish to watch one you think you have the time for another (then another, then another …)

Each season is devoted to a character. You will be immersed in the life of 1999’s Norwegian kids. It is so realistic that they could be your mates.

Indeed, forgive me dear Americans but most of the time your teen shows are not realistic at all. The actors are 25, they don’t have acne, they wake up wearing make up, they have an amazing sens of fashion … (Well, we can’t criticize too much because there’s no french teen show)

The show deals with “taboo” topics such as homosexuality, religion or eating disorders.

However, unlike their brit cousins’, SKAM protagonists are not too trashy and tragicall.

Also, the soundtrack is dope (you can find it on Spotify) and you can follow the characters on Instagram!

@isakyaki , @loglady99 , @evamohn2 …

Here is the end of the description, I certainly don’t want to spoil … (Well, more than I already did)

If you enjoyed this article, let us know if you would like us to write a test to evaluate your level of fangirling 😏