OOTD : Strolling in the Quartier Latin


The Jardin du Luxembourg is definitely the parisian’s garden. When the sun is out, the sporty ones play tennis, families have picnics, students enjoy their books under the horse chestnuts and buisnessmen read the news during lunchtime. After strolling in the 6th district of Paris, we decided to lay down a moment on the grass (gazing at the people training on fitness machines …).

That struggle with the light tho !

Then, we went to the Place de la Sorbonne in the Quartier Latin, which was really peaceful because of the studens on holiday. We love this historical area of Paris, especially the multiples bookshops around the university.


Since we knew we would have to walk quite a lot, we both choose very comfortable and pretty casual outfits.

Clem’s Outfit

Jardin du Luxembourg

The chocker and buckled boots (“Amelia studded boots” from Topshop) give a rocky vibe to the outfit. The look is softened by the pleated blouse from Hollister.
Cluny La sorbonne
This outfit is very casual but the colour of the jumper (“Elena sweater” in yellow from Brandy Melville) and the red bag (“Abby Satchel bag” from Sandro) step up the look a little bit.
We hope you enjoyed this article, which is a bit different from what we usually write. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you liked it.
Credits : Pictures 1,2,3,4,7,8 by us and 5,6 from pinterest

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