BFF goals

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#1. Francisco Lachowski and Jordan Barrett

Francisco was born in Curitiba, Brasil and is married and father of two (very very cute and adorable) boys. Jordan (almost 6 years younger than Francisco) was born in Byron Bay, Australia and lives a kind of reckless and very high type of life. Despite all these differences, we believe that the two of them were meant to be friends. Well, they obviously have some things in common, like being named “Model of the year” for 2016 by

#2. KenGi

There is nothing surprising in them beeing friends since they grew up in kind of similar backgrounds and now evolve in the same work, face the same critics and stuff. They must have been sisters in another life.

#3. Iman Perez and Sonia Ben Ammar

These two frenchies travel a lot: Iman does a lot of horse riding competitions and Sonia is often in the US or on a paradisiacal island but they manage to meet at every social/ fashion event, including the “Bal des Débutantes” last year.

#4. Djuna Bel and Camille Rowe

We can say that French-American model and American stylist Djuna Bel are soulmates. Literally, since they married in Las Vegas. Watch their guide to Las Vegas here.

#5. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams


They’re the perfect representation of “sisters from another mother”. Not so surprising: the two British girls met on the set of the most famous TV show (“Game Of Thrones” just so that we’re clear) in which they play sisters.

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