3 bloggers/ youtubers to follow


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many so decided to divide it in different categories.

For out first category, we have chosen three fresh and entertaining girls: Chiara Ferragni, Summer McKeen and Hailey Sani.

#1. Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

Chiara at PFW

The most famous blogger ever: Chiara Ferragni built an empire. Raised by a fashionista, the Italian blogger started her blog “The Blond Salad” in 2009. She truly met success in 2011 and in January 2015, she lauched a collection named after her.

#2. Summer McKeen (@summermckeen)

Summer via her Instagram account

She makes really good make up videos which are always fun to watch because she keeps it very casual. It is basically as if you were talking make up and clothes with your friend… except your friend probably doesn’t have Summer’s eyebrows.

#3. Hailey Sani (@haileysani)

Hailey via her Instagram account

Just like Summer, Hailey makes really good make up videos but she also posts some workouts videos which you’ll want to do because she is #bodygoal. Really. Also, the girl speaks three languages while we’re still struggling with our first one.

Who is your favorite youtuber/ blogger?

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