3 brands to follow


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many so decided to divide it in different categories.

For our third category, we chose three stylish brands: Are You Am I, Reformation and Eleven Paris.


#1. Are You Am I (@areyouami)

Created by the model Rumi Neely, the brand offers sexy silk tops and dress and beautiful accessories. We love to see their clothes because it keeps us motivated to stay healthy.


#2. Reformation (@reformation)

The brand is pretty casual, kind of similar to Urban Outfitters or Subdued. What we really love about it is that it is eco-friendly so can be fashionable and respectful of the environment.


#3. Eleven Paris (@elevenparisofficial)

This brand is kind of urban but their items suit any kind of style, you just got to find the right one. Also the brand is French and that is very cool.


What is your favorite brand?

You can follow us on Instagram: @stylehunters_


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