Best-dressed characters

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If you watch a lot of shows, you may have found yourself dreaming about stealing a character’s closet at least once. Here is our top 5 best-dressed characters.

 #1. Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

No way she wasn’t there. We remember being around 12 and watching “Gossip Girl” and being so amazed by the dresses and everything and absolutely wanting to be a part of Blair’s squad. We admit it, Serena has a fiercer style but Blair’s one is really cool especially after they finish high school.

#2. Eleanor Henstridge (The Royals)

Eleanor Henstridge (The Royals)

We absolutely love her fierce goth/ rock style!! This girl always looks so confident and sexy. We really love her style because it is kind of inspiring to see someone dare to wear such things even though we clearly wouldn’t wear the same.

#3. Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder)

Michaela Pratt (How To Get Away With Murder)

Literally “killer” look. Her style is always on point and showing the world how well she deals with anything and how much her life is put together.

#4. Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Nancy Wheeler (Stranger Things)

Her style is a little boyish and old-school but yet refreshing! It is really nice to see a character’s style being so effortless.

#5. Mary Stuart (Reign)

Mary Stuart (Reign)

Okay, we have to admit that the costumes were clearly not made to match with the pictured age. But, the gowns are so pretty!! Exactly the ones you dreamt about when you were kid (and even now, actually). Also the crown is so pretty… we want one too.


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