3 models to follow (Girls edition)


We thought that our advent calendar would be a cool way to share what we love with you. Since we spend a lot of time on Instagram, we had to make an “accounts to follow” post but we had WAY to many… So decided to divide it in different categories.

Here is our first one: “Models (Girls Edition)”. We have chosen three beautiful and inspiring girls: Gigi Hadid, Luna Bijl and Pauline Hoarau.

#1. Gigi Hadid (@GigiHadid)

You may think that she is over-exposed and not so deserving. Maybe you don’t even consider her as a model, but here is our point: she definitely got help from her parents/ friends/ whatever, and she probably wouldn’t be where she is now if she hadn’t been helped by her entourage, but she is. She receives a lot of critics but she doesn’t make scandals and she’s always smiling and sending good vibes on her social medias. That is the reason why we thought that she should be featured on this post.

#2. Luna Bijl (@mxlunaa)

The Dutch model walked her first show about a year ago and she was a total unknown. Today, she has been on two covers of Vogue Paris and this season, she walked not less than 33 shows, including Balmain, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. You can read our post about her here.

#3. Pauline Hoarau (@PaulineHoarau)

She won the Elite Model Look contest in La Réunion (France) in 2011. Since then, she has been Elle’s covergirl multiple times. In 2015, she walked the VS fashion show and she will appear in the film “Valérian et la cité des mille planètes directed by Luc Besson in 2017.

That is it for our first category. Who is your favorite model?

You can follow us Instagram, Polyvore and Famest.


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