When we just don’t get it


Sometimes, fashion is totally WTF. We don’t talk about eccentricity, we are talking about creators who were not in their normal state when they designed their collections …

These are our favourite fashion UFOs :

1) The  Hood by Air siamese cowboy boots. Straight from Chernobyl.

2) The Vetements socks boots with lighter heels, because why not ?
3) This cigaret fashion trend is maybe the new therapy to stop smoking … If you are desesperate try it, wear these cigs earrings from Moschino with the Vetements boots. Let us know if it works.

4) “Oh I love this biker jacket … bag”. This is really weird but adorable at the same time.

5) Your friends never take yourself seriously * ? Try the police waistcoat from WIA. Who’s the boss now ?

*Please, don’t complain if from now on they are afraid to talk to you. We are not friendship experts. Only your own responsibility is involved.

6) During your high school years, the quarter back was a bully ? Take you revenge with this t-shirt from Vetements. It is so easy to intimate wearing this. We only have one question … is it still possible to pass a door ? Because it’s instantly way less credible when you have to walk like a crab to go inside a room.

What is the craziest fashion item that you saw or wore?

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