It’s time to make peace with velvet

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Do you remember the horrible velvet jogging suit your mother wanted  you to wear in middle school ? Yes, we know it is still difficult for you to think about it …

If velvet definitely represents  the 90s’ dark side to you, this article will maybe change your mind !

Because today, we have decided to bring you back together. So here are our (best ?) arguments.

1# : Velvet is a huge trend this season

 From Ralph Lauren to Vetements including Victoria Beckham, the fabric is on every catwalk.

#2 : The Coolest girls rock velvet

3# Yeess, velvet can be classy

It is not because it is worn by Kylie Jenner that it can not be chic…

4# How do you think Gabriella had managed to date Troy ?

While Sharpay was wearing tweed, she opted for velvet.

Sans titre.png

Well this is probably the worst argument ever … (especially since her outfits were really ugly).


Anyway, here is a little selection of velvet clothes and accessories :

And to finish, a choosing of red velvet pieces. (Because red is THE colour of this winter, it is even better to match both trends !)

That is all for today, we hope we succeed our mission and now you love (or at least hate less) velvet !


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