What to wear this summer

Fashion, trend

Apparently, it is more than two weeks since summer has begun, which we weren’t aware about since we started to have a nice weather a couple of days ago… So, yes it has some disavantages, like having to shave or sweating or these highly annoying sunburns, but it is nothing compared to no school for two months, heat, sun, beach, ice cream and so on… But the best thing is that, since you don’t see your classmates and are not (or at least, less) afraid to be judged or whatever by people around you, you can wear anything you want to! Below are five trends that we will definitely wear for the next month and a half (yes, we could have write “two months” but let’s be real…)

1- Patches


First patches set: $9.71

Denim jacket: $4,950

Shorts: $68

Second patches set: £5.99

T-shirt: $25.86   

2- Body jewelry

1: Leg chain

2: Body chain

3: Bra chain

4:Arm cuff

5: Foot chain  

3- Gladiators shoes

1 2 3 4 5  

4- Chokers

1 2 3 4 5   

5- Crochet

Bikini 1

Bikini 2

Bikini 3

Top 4


What’s your favorite trend for this summer?


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